Whether it is a 600″ Truck Dumper Cylinder, a 300 ton mining truck Hoist Cylinder or Steering Cylinders from one of our coastal ferries we have the equipment and expertise required to efficiently rebuild it and back the job with an industry leading warranty. Every cylinder leaves our works with the best
warranty in our industry, in many cases better than the OEM’s!

Our repair process typically starts with steam cleaning of the Cylinder followed by disassembly and a complete inspection of the critical components. An inspection report is generated that documents the fit and finish of all parts and recommends a repair procedure.

Following approval from the customer, parts and materials are ordered and components are distributed to the plating department, machine shop and honing department as required.

After assembly of the reconditioneded components the unit is hydrostatically tested at full operating pressure for internal and external leaks. The final stop is at the paint booth, where we match the original color and do a final inspection.